Aiayu Wear

The Danish brand Aiayu creates sustainable and high quality products with a Scandnavian simplicity. The designs are new classics, lasting long beyond fashion, in colors and shapes you will cherish forever. Everything is carefully crafted at its origin, and is known for its soft, warm and durable cashmere qualities. Deeply rooted in Aiayus DNA is a love for natural materials, high quality, comfort and craftmanship. The products are produced in Bolivia, Nepal and India with respect for the women and men who crafted them. Aiayu means soul in the indigenous language of Bolivia, and the company was founded in the year 2005. The textile industry is known for its abundant use of materials and waste, but Aiayu don't see waste as a problem, they see it as a opportunity to recycle, use and re-use fabric to create somthing new. Aiayu has established a zero waste programme for all cotton products and recycle leftover cuttings and fabric to make pouches, raw quilts and raw rugs.
Aiayu - Bathrobe - Striped Indigo
228,00 159,00 EUR
Aiayu - Shirt - Heaven
67,00 40,00 EUR
Aiayu - Pants - Heaven
121,00 84,00 EUR
Aiayu - Pants - Shell
121,00 EUR
Aiayu - Shirt - Shell
134,00 EUR
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