Caramel is a modern success story founded by Eva Karayiannis. Launched in London 1999, it set out to push the boundaries and embrace a more creative approach to childrens wear. The clothes is timeless and quality is never compromised since Caramel constantly strive for excellence. Caramel has always challenged traditional, limited perceptions of what children should wear. 
Caramel - Tuz Top - Off White
80,00 32,00 EUR
Caramel - Oku Trouser - Navy
87,00 44,00 EUR
Caramel - Etal Blouse - Striped
101,00 50,00 EUR
Caramel - Top - Straw Stripe
58,00 35,00 EUR
Caramel - Body - Straw Stripe
62,00 37,00 EUR
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